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At Union Centre Institute, we are dedicated to empowering our students with career-focused education and training, tailored to meet the demands of today's industries. Through our specialized occupational programs, we strive to provide learners with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to excel in their chosen fields, fostering both individual growth and community advancement.

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Union Centre Institute is oriented towards occupational education. The goal is to ensure that students not only gain academic knowledge but also the practical skills and know-how required to excel in specific professions or trades.

Learning Styles:

Embracing Modern Learning at Union Centre Institute
At Union Centre Institute, we recognize the evolving needs of today's learners. That's why we've implemented two of the most effective and forward-thinking learning styles: Hybrid and E-learning. Our goal is to provide flexibility, accessibility, and quality education to all our students, regardless of their location or commitments.

This content can be further customized based on UCI's specific details, platform offerings, and the technological tools they use for hybrid and e-learning.

Staff showcase:

Kevin Ison: CEO, President, and Founder of UCI

Kaitlin Dougherty: Vice President, Dean, and Co-Founder of UCI

Board of Trustees:

Lisa Ziebold: Chairman

Zeke Ziebold: Chairman

Morgan Bressert: Treasury

Logan Tate: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- West Chester, Oh locations

Tara Farrell: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- West Chester, Oh locations

Savannah Lewis: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- Colerain, Oh location

Jaylen Faul: Head Dental Assisting Instructor-Eastgate, Oh location

Hailey Foster: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- Eastgate, Oh location

Jamie Cogan: Head Medical Assisting Instructor- West Chester, Oh

Eylee Parra: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- Hillard, Oh location

Mary Graham: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- Hillard, Oh location

Joanna Sturges: Head Dental Assisting Instructor- Goodyear, Az location